To work towards capacity building, leadership and training
programmes for women and the youth in pursuance of
environmental conservation, organizing programmes aimed at
promoting peace, economic development and quality education.


A world that is just, prosperous, peaceful, modern and
environmental friendly.


we believe in selflessness in our service delivery, accountability, integrity and honesty as our guiding principles.

Many African families rely on women to care for them and to provide basic necessities for survival. As African women receive education and are recognized with a higher legal status, they provide their households with superior nutrition, stronger food security and increased access to health care.

 The Kenyan government has done a lot to ensure that the Kenyan woman is empowered from creating of the Women Representative docket to passing the two thirds gender rule.

One of the key sector that will enable us attain the vision 2030 is Education and training. We have seen the tremendous strides the government has made to ensure that basic primary and secondary education is accessible to all.

The environment is also a key area that Community Multi-Development hoped to concentrate on. In recent years we have witnessed climate change that has been subject of many diplomatic talks.

The melting ice caps in the North and South Pole has led to increasing water levels that threatens to sink complete countries. We ought to take better care of our environment.

 We endeavor to help every Kenyan Students access to high quality education so that they can better their future.