Community Multi Development (CMD) was formed and registered on 2nd November, 2000 as a Non-Governmental Organization to promote justice, prosperity, peace, development, equality and carry out programs to protect and conserve the environment.

Our story

CMD strongly advocates for the inclusivity of the youths, women, people with disability, minority groups and the marginalized in all its programs and activities by mainstreaming gender and affirmative action for all special interest groups.

We at CMD are also very passionate about education. For growth of any economy or society it is imperative that individuals living in that society be well educated. We seek to impact Kenyan children by helping in giving them quality education.

CMD also seeks to promote the improvement, management and conservation of the environmental and natural resources. This will be done by establishing community participation and awareness in partnership with the government and other stakeholders who are involved in environmental conservation efforts.

In order to uplift the living standards of the Kenyan Citizens, CMD will carry out programs that will provide advocacy and promote environmental conservation for an improved rural agriculture economy. We will also endeavor to improve the welfare and wealth of the small scale farmers by providing training modern agricultural methods.

Peace is a requisite for sustainable development, CMD will be a platform for dialogue and building of consensus on important national issues; we will initiate dialogue between the communities through workshops, seminars, town hall meetings and sustain the process by encouraging the participants to own the process. We also deliver high impact cost effective programs of peaceful and friendly co-existence between communities.



To establish environmental conservation programmes to involve especially youths and women as a way of preventing conflict in the arid and semi arid areas where there are pastoral communities.


To carry out civic education to raise awareness o the gender quotas as provided in the constitution of Kenya (2010)


To advocate and promote women and gender inclusivity and aggressively campaign for non-violence against women through capacity building programmes and training especially for women and youths in order to achieve sustainable peace.


To improve the rural economy by training small scale farmers to adopt modern agricultural methods and promote the rural economy by improving production and the employment situation.