About Us

COMMUNITY MULTI DEVELOPMENT (CMD) is a registered local Non-governmental Organization (NGO) registered in the year 2000. We seek to improve access to quality education and to promote environmental and humanity matters. We endeavor to partner with various sectors in the country to help individuals, communities and social groups appreciate the need to conserve and protect the environment in order to achieve the newly proposed sustainable development goals in line with the vision 2030 blueprint. Over the years Kenya’s economy has grown in leaps and bounds to be one of the largest economies in Sub-Saharan Africa . We have indeed made strides in IT, agriculture and infrastructure. However, a key component to a healthy economy is more often than not neglected – OUR ENVIRONMENT. Poor waste management, unhealthy agricultural practice, rapid deforestation is just to mention but a few problems that have proved to have a devastating effect on Kenya’s environment. We as CMD seek to provide solutions that will make the environment cleaner, greener and safer to live in.